Find the right products to sell on Amazon

Find the right products to sell on Amazon

AsinHunt is a web based product research and sales estimator tool that helps Amazon FBA Sellers find the products that can generate more profits. Real-time accurate data using the Amazon API. US, UK, CA, and MX supported.

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The Features

All the tools found in competing products for a fraction of the cost

Product Research

Real-time data from Amazon's entire catalog of millions of products. Filter and sort results so that you spend less time finding the most profitable products giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Product Tracker

Track product information such as price, sales ranking and inventory and how they change daily. It is the best way to estimate how many sales a day a product is generating.

Product Ideas

Quickly browse Amazon categories and nested subcategories to find, in one page, all the top 10 best selling products, top 10 most wished products and top 10 most gifted products in the category.

Find products to sell

Product Search

Use the Product Search feature to quickly build a list of potential products to sell. Powerful category based filter criterias will help you spend less time researching by excluding products that don't sell. Save all your searches and/or export them in Excel format.

Asinhunt - Product Ideas screen

See what AsinHunt returns with every keyword search:

Top %
Referral Fee
Closing Fee
Per Item Fee
Total Fees
Net revenue
In stock(*tracker/detail page)
Size Tier
Variations min and max price
Save search results
Asinhunt - Product Tracker screen

Product Tracker / Sales Estimator

The perfect tool to help you develop your competitive advantage. Spy on your competitor daily sales. Find out whether a product is selling well on Amazon.

Product Ideas

Best sellers, most wished for and most gifted products for each category and subcategory, all in one page. This will help you come up with ideas about products to sell on Amazon.

Asinhunt - Product Ideas screen


$ 5.99/month

7 Days Free Trial

Web App SaaS
Product Research
Product Tracker
Product Ideas
Track 1 product

Get Basic


$ 9.99/month

7 Days Free Trial

Web App SaaS
Product Research
Product Tracker
Product Ideas
Track 50 products

Get Pro


$ 14.99/month

7 Days Free Trial

Web App SaaS
Product Research
Product Tracker
Product Ideas
Track 100 products

Get Business

White Label

$ 399

One Time Payment

Your own SaaS
Sell subscriptions


Start your own SaaS business

White Label Version

Asinhunt is also available in downloadable self-hosted White Label format. This is a one time payment option. You can use this version as a turnkey solution to start your own FBA Product Research and Tracker SaaS business with all features available here, allowing users to subscribe for a membership to use your site using your own brand. Paypal integrated. Full tech support available. Fully unencrypted code so you can add more features and modify existing functionality. You need a server that supports PHP 5.5+, MySQL 5.6+ and cron jobs.

Only available by contacting us at


.htaccess support
Curl support
Cron job support


Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Do I need an Amazon account to use AsinHunt?

You need access to the Amazon's Product Advertising API (Free) keys. Please visit this link to learn how you can access the API keys.

Is AsinHunt a browser extension or web app?

AsinHunt is a web app, there is no browser extension available.

How many products are available for research?

AsinHunt retrieves information from the Amazon servers in real time. All products from Amazon are available (in rare occasions some products may not be available).

Is there a Free Trial

All subscription plans offer a 7 days free trial.

How to choose products to sell on Amazon?

Please view this guide.

What countries are supported?

Currently the US, the UK, Canada and Mexico Marketplaces.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your plan comes into effect the following month. You can export all your product tracking information to CSV before cancelling.

Can I export data?

Yes you can export data for products that you are tracking and also the search results in CSV format.


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Other questions?

We're always available at


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