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to sell on Amazon

AsinHunt is a web based product research tool that helps Amazon Sellers find the products that can generate more profits. For a seller starting out on Amazon or even a seasoned veteran, choosing products to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task.

There are hundreds of categories to choose from and millions more competing products to sift through. That being said, there are plenty of opportunities to be found - if you know how to look. And with AsinHunt, it isn't that hard.

Product Search

Use the Product Search feature to quickly build a list of potential products to sell and then filter and order them by different criteria. Ideally you would want to focus on products with high sales ranking and better net revenue. See what AsinHunt returns with every keyword search:

Product Tracker

The Product Tracker lets you track product information such as price, sales ranking and inventory and how they change daily. It is the best way to estimate how many sales a day a product is generating.

Product Ideas

Quickly browse Amazon categories and nested subcategories to find in one page all the top 10 selling products, top 10 most wished products and top 10 most gifted products in the category. This will hopefully help you come up with ideas of products to sell on Amazon.



AsinHunt is a hosted web application, there is no download needed. You only need:


Stop paying outrageous prices for your Amazon product research tool. With AsinHunt you only pay $9.99/month and you are able to track up to 100 products.

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